King Of The Hill - KOTH

KOTH was a card game invented by my friend Mark Slattery way back in 1999, whilst talking to mark about developing a simple yet fun game for the Xbox Indie channel we decided it would be cool to implement this card game.

The main reason to do such a simple game was to basically get to grips with the XNA framework as a whole and game development.

Well after many months this game began to actually take shape and be quiet a playable game however it looked pants due to my poor drawing skills as I draw the sprites initially to get the game going.
Here is one of the first screen shots from it:-

I eventually managed to find a great artist who not only was really fast at redoing all the art for KotH he also didnt want much in return, just the experience of doing it. As you can imagine guys like this are hard to find  but I hope we can work together on other titles in the future.

Its quite amazing how cool your game will look once you get a decent artist to do your graphics :)

Where is KotH at now?

Well I still aim to get this onto the Xbox Live indie channel but I hope to try to piggy back onto my other game in development "Spectrangle360" success (hopefully).
I am hoping that once Spectrangle360 is out there people might start to actively look for other games developed by us...well you have to hope dont you :)


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