More review\playtests, new contacts & paying it forward

Well after pulling Spectrangle360 from playtest then putting it into review then pulling the game and putting it back to playtest rince and repeat at least 2 more times I now have more of a feeling how the XBLIG review\playtest process works.

The most difficult aspect of it all is to get enough people interested in your game that people will use their own time to download your game, playtest it and post comments on the thread with any issues they find. Even harder is once you think you have fixed all the issues you then have to get enough passes in order that your game passes review and then gets published to Xbox Live.

So where am I up to so far? Well after finding some more contacts and paying it forward (in other words trying to do as many playtest\reviews as possible in hopes that some people will feel obliged to return the favour). I got some quite good feedback, the main feedback was to remove the high score sharing code as this at the moment is very problematic and would take to long to fix for the first version. I have also replaced the high score sharing with an online game notification system.

So when some one starts playing Spectrangle360 online anyone else playing the game at the same time will get notified and then have the option to join the game. I will test these features as much as possible and put the game into playtest again for a week and then try and drum up some playtests.