Xbox Live - Multiplayer

So I almost have multiplayer working in Spectrangle, It was nto as hard as I thought it was however I am still a little doubltful that its going to still work once actually playing over the internet.

At the moment I can almost play a full game between my development laptop and my Xbox and its actually quite cool moving and placing trangs on my laptop and having them move on the Xbox.

Once I have this fully working though, I plan to spend a lot more time polishing the game. I guess as its not a very complex game interms of features I really want it to be slick so people that play the trial game might this really is a slick game of Spectrangle I would buy that for a doller. To help me make it looking good I actually recieved some of the actual box art from the original board game by jumbo so I will definatly hope to use that some where.

Anyway if you have any thoughts on what I can do to add value to the game or any thought in general it would be nice to hear from you.


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