Well its been a while since I updated this but I have finally been making progress on Spectrangle. As you can see its taken me longer then I anticipated, the reason for this is well general life things as usual finding the time to keep chipping away at Spectrangle is hard at best. With me doing my first Sprint triathlon and going away on the odd short holiday just eats up your time.
One major stumbling block was the networking, although I had pretty much figured out the API I was having difficulty with the connection just dropping for no good reason. So my first task was to refactor all the code to work the same as all the supplied Microsofts samples...thus to no avail. I then tried to analyse the data sent from the samples and after a while these showed the dropping out issue.
I finally tracked the problem down to being wireless....??? what, yes thats right my Xbox Slim is wireless and my laptop is wireless. Hard wiring these into my BT home hub instantly fixed the problem. This discovery really helped and let me get on with finishing of the network code, to a state now where you can play a full game on Xbox live...go me.
My next tasks where to re implement the AI, this wasnt much of an issue as I had already figured out the algorithms on the Silverlight version.
My task now are to finish of the AI player configuration and get all the surrounding functionality working, I dont want to put a date on it but August to September I hope to have the game play testable.

Stay tuned.


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