Well I actually started this project a while back just to see how hard it would be to develop Spectrangle for the 360 and to my suprise it was actually quite easy, once I managed to get the trangs generated and the coordinate system working which uses the analog stick to move the trangs around the board.

As I mentioned on the main page, after a number of emails between myself and Jumbo and showing them the prototype that I had developed in Silverlight, Jumbo finally agreed to let me use their IP. Currently I have the basics of the game working (Including a basic AI opponent) but here are the features I am hoping to add to the final Spectrangle360.

  • 4 player multiplayer on the same Xbox
  • 4 player network play
  • Global highscores
  • Different game types for Spectrangle
  • And 4 AI difficulties
So heres what I have managed to create so far :-

As you can see, due to the much better resolutions of the Xbox more detail can be added to make the Trangs look photo realistic instead of using vector images.

Well thats it for now, I have been dying to tell people what I have been up to and now I have the proper permissions I can and I hope to have Spectrangle360 available soon.


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