KOTH in playtest

Well we decided to bite the bullet and finally get our first XNA game (KingOfTheHill) into playtest so hopefully we can receive some constructive criticism about the game and make any improvements that will hopefully make the game a lot more playable.

As far as we know the only thing we hadnt finished for playtest was the tutorial segment of the game, there is enough to get a general feel for it but we hope to add more to it as the playtest progresses.

Check back here as we will be detailing what was found in our first XNA game in playtest.


Playtest forum link: http://forums.create.msdn.com/forums/t/65452.aspx

KingOfTheHill - In Development

For allmost 6 months now we have been developing our first game "KingOfTheHill" our first Xbox 360 indie game. The game is a "Non Collectable Card Game" for 2 - 4 players where each player has to make their way up an ever increasing hill all the while dodging boulders, pit cards and the rising sea.

We hope to get this game in playtestable state by end of Oct -Nov, once the game has been tested and all playtest has been recieved we then hope to release to peer review. The game should be very polished by this point and should make the market place very quickly.

Check back for more updates.