Offically an Xbox360 indie developer

Finally.....FINALLY I managed to get Spectrangle360 past peer review and I am now able to publish it to the Xbox indie market place.

It wasnt an easy ride by any stretch of the imagination, after entering playtest on 9/11/2011 and submitting the game 17 times and then starting the review process on 1/12/2011 and submitting 8 times I finally got the 8 passes I needed.

So whats next, well the next step is to finally press that "Publish Now" button, my initial plan is to do this on the 23/3/2012 so that the game will be available the next day (Friday) hopefully. Mean while I plan to use all the contacts that I have made over the months to get the word out about Spectrangle360 and hopefully build a little interest before the game is available.

Theres plenty of things to do, wish me luck.....

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