1 Week on #XBLIG ....WOW


Its been over a week of being on Xbox360's indie Xbox Live channel and man its been busy. Busy? what do you mean busy? I hear you say, well if you want to get some decent sales on Xbox Live the first few weeks are the most important I feel. You really have to try hard to get your game known as much as possible before the game slips down into the recent published list. So to get my name and Spectrangle360 out there I have been emailing and tweeting/retweeting as much as possible, below is a list of hopefully all the reviews I have managed to get so far. Most of the them think that Spectrangle360 is a good game but limited to the board game enthusiast, which to be honest I was expecting any way here's the list. Hope I didn't miss any and if I did...sorry:-

To those that helped me with these reviews I want to say thanks, I specially want to thank @DaddyPigGames and @MayContainGeeks you should look these guys up on twitter there great :).

So whats next, well I plan to do an update to Spectrangle360 from the things I am not happy with myself and a few issues but more on that in another post. I hope to keep Spectrangle360 in the lime light as it where for as long as possible and just build on what I have already done so far.

And if you have bought Spectrangle360 I just want to say a BIG THANKS.

Your awesome, also let me know what you think of the game and what you would like improving.


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